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Dear Customers:


We need your HELP!

Our routemen are having problems accessing some of your pools due to locked gates upon their arrival or animals that need to be put up.

If you have a gate that you are responsible for unlocking on your scheduled service date please be aware that you will still be charged for service if you forget to unlock the gate. If at all possible we recommend you get a combination lock and provide us with the combination, this will eliminate this problem.

If you have dogs, and you have agreed to have them put up on your normal service day and you forget, please be advised that you will still be charged for service.

We will make every effort to contact you and try to return before the week / day is up to service the pool. Please be aware that your routeman has 10 to 15 other customers a day and it is sometimes difficult for them to return as they are in different areas throughout the week.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.