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Pool Repair
Let one of our knowledgeable technicians make your equipment repairs

Pool Repairs

At American Pacific Pool Service, Inc, we are very proud of our technicians. With their experience and dedication, we are able to offer our customers quality repairs and, if needed or requested, replacement of their equipment. The main items that need repair or replacement that our technicians are greatly qualified to do are:

  • Pumps
  • Filters +
  • Heaters+++
  • Plumbing
  • Lights
  • Indoor Control Boards
  • Electronic Controls
  • Salt Systems
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Chlorinators
  • Leak Detections ++
  • Calcium Removal


+ Bi-Annual D.E. Filter Cleans are recommended in the spring and fall to keep your filtration system operating efficiently.

++ Leak Detections may be determined by a dye test, pressure test and/or underground sonar detection. In some extreme cases, it may be necessary to dive. Diving is the last resort and incurs an additional fee. No diving will be done in the winter months due to extreme cold unless the pool is heated.

+++ We specialize in heater replacement and repairs. Our technical staff is trained to assess your pool and spa heater problems and take the appropriate corrective action. We can also determine the heater product to best suit your needs and skillfully perform the installation.